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Coughing up aliens

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I am really going to tell on myself with this post.

I believe that I just became what I define as “mature”. I am 56 years old and I feel like I’m finally all grown up. Now, that does NOT mean I have it all together. What it does mean, to me, is that I’m finally owning all my own sh–! Wow! It took THAT long!

Obviously, this is new, uncharted territory for me. I’ve often conveniently blamed other people and other circumstances for the results I was seeing in my life. I

t’s only been in the last 5 years, that I started, what I affectionately now call, “coughing up aliens”. This means that I have FINALLY taken responsibility for owning my own thoughts and feelings, and therefore totally responsible for the results I’m seeing in my life. Easier said than done in my first 50 years.

Having said all of that, it’s actually been easy….or rather less time consuming. I clear things quicker. I forgive faster. I apologize way faster when I cough something up (which is, by the way, a LOT) AND, I have a lot more peace.

Looking in the mirror isn’t always pleasant or easy at first. But, I feel lighter and way more in charge of my life than ever more. I’m on the road to being able to create more of what I want in the second half of my life!

Try it on! See how coughing up aliens can ultimately free you up!

Allison Field, CPC, MCC, ELI-MP – Career Design & Leadership Coach

I help people master their energy potential.

I’d love to explore what’s possible in your life! Click here to schedule a FREE Exploration Call!

Coughing up aliens knows no age!



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