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How much of your life is falling through the cracks?

What is your Existence System?

I first heard this term while I was doing a Landmark course and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a term that refers to how we do our life or better we track our life and actions.

If we are up to big things in our life, our business and in the world, how are we tracking that on a regular basis?

When I look at this picture, it makes me really anxious about all the things. Worried that the sticky stuff will wear off and I'll lose a really good idea. How will I track everything? And, if you look at each post-it note, it represents energy. For me, this collection and the way it's displayed doesn't align with my energy.

I’ve always used some sort of system to track my daily activities, like a daily planner. But, I didn’t go much beyond that. What I did learn about is tracking my ideas, my notes about things, special projects I’m working on and resources that I want to keep track of. So, I created a system that works for me.

Some might prefer a written daily, weekly or monthly planner. Some might prefer an on-line system. What’s most important is how YOU want to do it. So, what does that mean?

Well, when I’m coaching people around their particular system, I say it’s important to pay attention to your energy around it. This is way more important than the system itself.

Some people do really well with a planner system, while others feel energetically stifled or heavy when using something like this.

I tried going completely virtual one year and I found that it didn’t work at all for me. I was a bit sad because I wanted to reduce my resource footprint. What I found out was it didn’t feel like it was expansive enough and my energy was blocked. So, as much as I resisted doing anything on paper, I switched back.

I also noticed that as I’ve changed careers over the years, I’ve had to reevaluate how I was using my existence system. I found that each time, I had to adjust my formula to make it work for the environment I was in. Ask yourself, “Is this system support what I’m creating?”

Some people just create a to-do list on a legal pad. Some people post all their “things” on post-its. That can work GREAT for some people while other people need a little more structure to actually create their days, weeks, months and year.

My career change to Coaching caused me to look at yet another. I tried several different planners, but there was no one planner that suited my needs. So, I developed my own system and it works.

Once I was able to identify the formula that worked best, my energy opened up and I was no longer blocked. The result: I was able to do more, and more importantly BE more!

If you’re up to BIG things in your life, work and in the world, I invite you to explore and identify what system works best for you!

If you’re wanting support in any of these areas, click here to schedule an Exploratory Call to learn about coaching and how it can help you move from functioning to optimal!

And, remember to put it into your Existence System!


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