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Coming out of the closet in 2019

Recently moving to Grand Junction, CO after living in Dallas for 27 years has, quite frankly, kicked my butt. Not in a bad way, but in a propel you out of a rocket sort of way, into a whole new paradigm for life. What I’ve noticed is I now have the unique opportunity to live in what I consider a geographically beautiful place, in a time in my life, when I can create my own schedule. I can do the things I love to do.... meditate, restorative yoga, cycling, walking Fred the Wonder Dog, hiking, getting involved in the community, swimming, training for aquabike events, coaching people to support them in creating their best lives and so much more. I continue to grow emotionally, mentally and physically.

I’m also a Career Design and Leadership Coach which essentially means I help people live their BEST life, whatever that might be.

So, as I’m planning for 2019 and deciding the best ways for me to serve the most people in the best way, I had a flood of ideas (thank you Spirit) that is clearly my confirmation for what I want to do:

1. First, I plan to do 365 FB Lives about a tool, lesson or tip I want to share with my community. The noise in my head is, “no one will want to listen to me 365 days or perhaps at all. What do I know? But, that’s is exactly what this new year is not, holding back. I’ve done that way too long and I’m realizing that I have way too much to share. And, why would I not share? If my mission is to help others create their best lives, then why on earth would I hold back EVER? I know I’ll be working through some energy blocks of my own as I do this each day. I will be sharing those with you. I don’t think we each have unique struggles. Same struggles just different circumstances.

2. Second, I’ll have weekly FREE workshops on Wednesdays at Noon CT. Each will be intentionally created to bring you tools and tips to help you on your path to creating your BEST LIFE. If you register and can’t attend, you’ll receive a link to the recording, so you don’t miss out.

3. I will give away 12 FREE Coaching Sessions per year. If you’re on the fence about coaching and want to experience the transformative nature of a coaching session, you’ll want to register to join our tribe at I will pick a random name from our list on the first day of each month and notify that person via email.

On Wednesday, January 9th, our first workshop will be: Creating for 2019. We’ll talk about Vision Boards, visioning, creating an intention statement, picking your magic word for the year and much more! You can register here to get your special link:

Now, I’m almost talking myself out of posting this blog, but that’s NOT what 2019 is about at all. It’s about taking BOLD action, SHARING my heart, and helping YOU break out and CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE! I’m NOT holding back and you shouldn’t either. I’m super excited about what I will learn along the way as I come out of the closet!

Life is short! Time to PLAY!


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