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Working with Allison has helped me transition from dreaming about what I want to taking specific actions to get there. She's held me accountable to myself and, when necessary, helped me look at things from a different point of view.

Pepper R., Oklahoma City, OK




Allison helped me when I was in a tizzy because I'm looking at a major life transition (retirement) in the next couple of years. She helped me focus on my strengths, identify the blocks to my energy and blocks to moving forward, and create a mission statement for my life and vision of where I want to go. People have commented lately about how happy I seem. I feel centered, energetic, de-stressed and focused. She has truly helped me identify my life direction moving forward!

Anita Mills, Dallas, TX




I woke up this morning thinking about the journey I have experienced over the past few years; the ups and downs that existed more of downs than ups. Why was I in that place? How did I crawl up out of the hole when I could not see any light and had virtually lost my self-confidence and furthermore, I was afraid that at my age, I would never see or feel the light again! I was discouraged often times beyond the thought of living on. Those were truly dark and very sad days for me. I allowed that negative and really bad energy to consume me. 

Too ashamed to let friends know the depth of my despair and too defensive, angry and agitated to allow the words and advice of my loving family to soothe or encourage me, I received a call from you; my friend and my life coach. Looking back, it seems as though you could sense my fear and through the telephone waves you reached out and gave me your hand. You listened and then you asked laser-like, heart, spirit and mind awakening questions that began to shake the fog out of my psyche. You helped me wake up, you reminded me of my accountability and responsibility to myself. You gave me tools to conquer and clear the way to walk out, not crawl out, of the depression and loss of living dark place that I was existing in. You sparked my energy! You helped me remember who and what I am as a human being. You defined integrity to me and pointed out all of the places I had once existed in integrity and helped me identify the places I was living out of integrity. VERY important!! VERY critical to the core of who I am and all that I have stood for in my life. You did so much for me. Through exercises of visualization and writing out lists of the where, what and who I wanted to be you helped me confirm and build a new foundation in my life. 

Where am I today? I am now a painter and 4 months ago I landed exactly the job your visualization techniques and coaching taught me. And, I did so up against more qualified, educated and younger candidates!!

Patty King, Austin, TX





I sought Allison’s services upon reaching a crossroad in my career. Recently, I had voluntarily left two jobs due to an overall lack of fulfillment. On one hand, I applauded myself for having the strength to move on from that which no longer served me. However, on the other hand I felt trapped and couldn't see the vast possibilities that lay ahead.


Allison helped me to regain focus and direction during this crucial time in my life. She helped me understand the meaning of core values and how important they are in career choices. Her coaching philosophy centers around values from the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI). Mastery of this technique enabled her to detect & assess my energy levels as they pertained to my career/life goals.


In hindsight, I was getting in my way in a VERY big way. 

Secondly, I found our coaching sessions to be almost therapeutic. In addition to being a great listener, she had a knack for "nudging" me into taking a few calculated risks and being open to new options. Change is abit scary at times. But, whenever I veered off course into a fearful, no-can-do attitude, Allison would calmly remind me of my strengths and encouraged me to push ahead with my goals.


Over the course of 3 months, Allison guided me with grace, humor, insightful encouragement and accountability through the process of clarifying my goals/values. Our sessions always left me inspired and motivated to charge forward. She is truly an inspiring woman and leader.

Pamela S. Inmon




I worked with Allison for a few months at the end of 2014. I had been unhappy with where my life was, but hadn't had success in figuring out how to change my situation. Allison led me through some career assessments that for once gave me real options to consider for the future. Allison taught me how to bust through energy blocks, a skill that will help in the future. As a result of our work, I applied to graduate school (even though I already have a graduate degree in another field) and have recently accepted an offer to attend in the fall.

A.L., Arlington, VA




Already, things are opening up for me just being in our coaching group last night, Allison! I was stuck in Level 1 all yesterday, just seeing no way out of my situation, and this morning, I keep telling myself that something will happen. I finally sat down to plan out some new Skillshare classes, and the ideas just kept rolling into my brain!!! Before, I would shut them all down saying I wasn't good enough or didn't really know what I was doing, but this time I'm just going to roll with them all and put them all out there and see what happens. No judgement, just possibility.

You know what’s helpful? Someone who will call me on my shit. Someone who remembers who I am and won’t let me give excuses or stories as to why I can’t do something or why something isn’t possible. Someone who won’t make me wrong but point out where I am blocked, see my blind spots, and allow me the space to discover the truth.

That’s who Allison Field is for me. I have thoughts swimming in my head all week that I can sort through, categorize, or allow to take over, and Allison is this safe space I get to visit once a week or whenever I have a crisis situation, and she brings me back to my center so I can begin again and practice all the tools she has given me.

I now have a huge toolbox to sift through, so the weekly check-ins with her are vital for me to learn when to use each tool and how to use them. Her expertise has shown me that I can do hard things, awareness is my superpower, and where I am is exactly where I should be to get to where I am going.

Lisa Long




Thank you so much for helping my Mama, sister and I get 'on the same page' with each other. Your course was incredibly helpful to us! 

It came at a very stressful time when we decided we had to move in together due to COVID and my mothers' gradual memory decline. (We hadn't lived together since I was 17, so.... communication and cohesiveness were a little outdated!)

My sister volunteered to join the class so that she could learn the practices and be able to communicate better for her students. We had such a great time with our weekly sessions and it is incredible how effective the practices are.


We have the chart up on our refrigerator that reminds us of the Energy Levels and we check in with each other almost daily about where we want to set our 'tone'.

It has given us a common language that allows us to speak about behaviors and 'moods' without blame or judgement. It's merely a way to recognize if we are in a low level of energy. And, if we desire to change our level, we now have access to a simple process that gives us the ability to shift almost instantly.


For my mother, who is 80, this process has been a life-saver. And it certainly has been a life-saver for our relationship! Thank you, Allison, with all my heart!


Your work is a powerful way for us all to help heal the world!


In much appreciation,

- Antigone

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