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I recently read The Surrender Experiment and The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer and both books talk about how we are NOT our thoughts. From my training, I know that our thoughts are merely interpretations based on our filters and our filters are generated by our experiences, our viewpoints, our attitude, environmental factors, etc. The list goes on and on. But, the key here is that WE are NOT our thoughts. We are the beautiful stuff underneath all that junk. All that junk is made up.

When we experience thoughts that are not effective, productive, challenging or wracked with struggle, we can step away from the thoughts and observe them from a distance. So, this week I was inspired to begin my own experiment and to begin watching my thoughts.

It’s been interesting to say the least. What I’ve discovered is that 95% of most of my thoughts are random and not on the shady side of the street (so to speak). Not at all proud of the shallowness of some of my thoughts. Most are no more substantial than “I wonder if the light will be green when I get to it on the bike and wow, the lake sure is calm this morning”? Random huh?!

The goal, as Singer states in his book, is to take a deep breath and release the thought that’s not serving us. This could be thoughts ranging in judgement of others to berating the driver who did something stupid like changing lanes without asking me first.

When I am aware, it’s been relatively easy to do. But, also interesting is my next thought that comes racing in is, “if I’m not thinking about these mundane details of life, what in the heck do I put back in its place?” Just the thought that I have to put something “back in” cracks me up a bit. And, yet, another thought to observe.

Needless to say, it’s been a bit hard for me because I keep wanting to put something else in. As if what I’m present to isn’t enough. Sort of feels abnormal to me and almost like I need to add a bit of drama for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s our norm. Our norms are created from childhood and usually consist of how our environment was growing up. Come to think of it, it’s become my norm to create drama where there is none because that was my norm growing up. Not proud, but definitely interesting that it’s where my brain automatically goes.

So, as Singer recommends, take a deep breath, release the thought that doesn’t serve us, and be fully present with whatever we’re experiencing. Just enjoy the experience. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing to change. Nothing to run from. Nothing to evaluate. The key is to observe and release that which doesn’t serve us. And, when we can release that catabolic (destructive) energy, we have more anabolic (constructive) energy available to us to create, enjoy and BE love.

As I mentioned, it’s an experiment and it’s only Wednesday. I’m committed to using this to transform the way I think and to live in the present. I am on a journey of living MY TRUTH. I want to release the noise in my head that makes up all kinds of stories that don’t serve me.

What are your thoughts? How are your thoughts serving you? How much energy are your catabolic (destructive, judging, restrictive) thoughts taking up space in your head and in your day?

As an Energy Leadership Coach who specializes in Career Design and Leadership, it’s important for me to be authentic. For me to be authentic, I want to walk my talk. I am committed to BE-ING MY OWN EXPERIMENT!

If you find yourself wanting to take your Career or your Team to the next level and create what’s next, click here to schedule an Exploratory Call so we can see what’s possible for you.

Energetically yours,

Allison Field, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP


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