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Re-Igniters Weekly Coaching Group

  • Are you tired of doing the same things over and over and getting the same results?

  • Do you often feel at the effect of things outside of your control?

  • Do you have relationships that are so frustrating and feel like they're going nowhere?

  • Do you feel a loss of control over situations?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, our weekly coaching group will give you just what you've been looking for to support you in making those shifts happen. 


You'll learn to jump start your IGS (Inner Guidance System) so you can begin living from your heart vs. your ego driven mind. You'll begin allowing your heart to guide your mind vs. the other way around.

You'll learn tools and be coached so you can increase your awareness and learn how to live a sixth sensory life. Your spiritual expansion will support you to learn the power of own energy and how you can begin using that to support YOU in living your BEST LIFE!


Re-Ignite Your Energy gives you a framework of

self-awareness to elevate your potential

for growth and fulfillment in every area of your life.

BENEFITS OF Re-Ignite Your Energy

  • Maximize your possibilities.

  • Shift limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions to get results you WANT.

  • Be more engaged in your life vs. simply going through the motions.

  • Maximize your energy in your life through awareness and choice.

  • Increase your level of consciousness.

  • Improve your relationships.

  • Tools to help you navigate through stressful situations, evaluate decisions and create your own style of comunication.

There are unlimited ways in which Re-Ignite Your Energy can help you to get the most out of life.  



Allison is masterful in Energy Leadership. She brings a spark and joyful energy to the room. I always leave inspired and ready to take action.  


I want to share my experience in working with Allison Field and the power it's brought to me. I've known Allison for several years, and within the past 6 months have gotten to see her magic come to life. I participated in her Ignite Your Energy workshop and it rocked my world. Diving into the 7 Levels of Energy and understanding which level you're in and that your gremlin (or inner critic) is often controlling you, has been huge. I can identify where I'm at and use the knowledge and tools she's provided to shift it.

If you have not taken it or need a refresher, I HIGHLY recommend enrolling in it. I can tell you how powerful it has been for me, but for you to really understand it, you have to experience it for yourself.


Put your power panties on and work through it! Allison's approachable personality provides a space for you to get raw and real and come face to face with your energy blocks. 



Thank you so much for helping my Mama, sister and I get 'on the same page' with each other. Your course was incredibly helpful to us! 

It came at a very stressful time when we decided we had to move in together due to COVID and my mothers' gradual memory decline. (We hadn't lived together since I was 17, so.... communication and cohesiveness were a little outdated!)

My sister volunteered to join the class so that she could learn the practices and be able to communicate better for her students. We had such a great time with our weekly sessions and it is incredible how effective the practices are.


We have the chart up on our refrigerator that reminds us of the Energy Levels and we check in with each other almost daily about where we want to set our 'tone'.

It has given us a common language that allows us to speak about behaviors and 'moods' without blame or judgement. It's merely a way to recognize if we are in a low level of energy. And, if we desire to change our level, we now have access to a simple process that gives us the ability to shift almost instantly.


For my mother, who is 80, this process has been a life-saver. And it certainly has been a life-saver for our relationship! Thank you, Allison, with all my heart!


Your work is a powerful way for us all to help heal the world!


In much appreciation,

- Antigone


Allison creates a safe space to explore self and grow powerfully in areas that mean the most to you.


I knew what I needed to address; I just didn't know how to address it. Now, I do!

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