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What's Your word?

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

As a Coach, I work with my clients all the time to set their Intention. Intention is the energy behind the action. By setting your intention, you set in motion the energy to get something done. Without that energetic engagement, you can’t move forward.

Because it’s December, it’s that time of year again that I start thinking of my Word for 2016. The notion is to select a word that sets your intention for what you want to manifest in your world. It’s a powerful word that you can continually go back to throughout the year to give you more clarity, purpose and direction.

I’m going to tell on myself though. I KNOW I chose a word for this year, told my good friend Devie about it, got all excited and now I can’t remember it. Obviously, it didn’t resonant for me the way I had hoped. Certainly if I was excited about it, I’d remember. But NOoooo. Menopause brain has set in and taken over my brain. I don’t think my whole brain. But, the frontal lobe part that causes teens to not have any sense about themselves until it’s fully developed at around age 25. Yep….I think that’s the area that’s hit again. Enough digression.

This year’s going to be different. I was driving down the road on a rainy day from running errands. It was a beautiful road by the lake, winding through the beautiful fall colored trees, and it hit me. I was loving how I felt enjoying all the sites and sounds of the moment. If I am being fully present, then I can actually enjoy this beautiful moment instead of getting stuck in my head thinking about all the things that I “should” or “need” to be doing or didn’t get done. It hit me in the head like a brick!

So, my word for 2016 is PRESENT. Easy to remember. Easy to bring to my frontal lobe to smack me in the head when I’m not being present. It’s all about being in the NOW. NOW is the power place. It’s the place to BE when things get hectic all around me. It’s the place I can go to get grounded. It’s the place I can go to really enjoy the moment of WHATEVER is going on around me. It’s the place I can go to find the beauty in the moment and find peace.

I also knew it was the right word for me because when I said it out loud, it moved me. The energy behind it matched what I wanted more of!

Allison Field, CPC, MCC, ELI-MP – Career Design & Leadership Coach

I help people master their energy potential.

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