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Discover 7 Levels of Creating Possibilit

At our very core physical level, we have billions of cells and each cell is energy.


Every thought, every feeling and every action we take has a energetic

consequence to it and is stored within our cells.


Over time, we develop an energetic makeup that determines how we see the world.


Our perceptions actually determine our reality. So, if those perceptions aren't working for us, we have the power to choose a different way of looking at things.

That's when the magic happens!


We have the power to shift our reality through our power of choice.

Energy Leadership, a structure developed by Bruce D. Schneider,

delivers a unique way to understand energy and how we are affected by it.


The structure is easy to understand and once we develop our awareness

around it, it gives you a method to understand at any moment in time, how

you are experiencing your life and if you want, cause a shift for yourself.

During this FB Live, we'll explore the 7 levels of energy, talks about the

advantages and disadvantages of each level and how you can use these

levels to create limitless possibilities for creating your BEST life!

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